Enables a financial institution to send a real-time electronic request to another financial institution for a proof of ACH Authorization 

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HTTP verb
Body MIME Type
Body documentation
RDFI wants to send an automated electronic request to ODFI. RDFI provides details on how to receive the copy of the authorization back from the ODFI
Body sample
"messageIdentification": "76KL",
"initiatingParty": {
"name": "Tim Teller",
"phoneNumber": "+1-777-555-9999",
"emailAddress": "Tim@testfi1.com"
"instructingAgent": {
"clearingSystemIdentification": "USABA",
"memberIdentification": "061103852"
"instructedAgent": {
"clearingSystemIdentification": "USABA",
"memberIdentification": "061058949"
"endToEndIdentification": "061058941111111",
"localInstrument": "WEB",
"amount": {
"amount": 198.50,
"currency": "USD"
"creditor": {
"name": "Internet Market",
"identification": "2323237771"
"debtor": {
"name": "Zach Receiver"
"debtorAccount": "6578987657",
"entryDate": "2021-09-15",
"PoAMethod": {
"preferredMethod": "EMAL",
"emailAddress": "Docs@testfi.com"
"newRequest": "Y",
"secondDocumentRequest": "N"
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