The Status of this API is Candidate Recommendation.  The Candidate Recommendation version is used to elicit the aid of the development community in making a final determination concerning the ability to implement the Afinis API Standard Product. In this phase: The product version has been thoroughly reviewed by a wide range of organizations and industry participants. Afinis believes it has addressed all previously identified issues and the product satisfies all technical requirements. The Candidate Recommendation version has a significant level of maturity. Although the version may change, it is assumed those changes will be minor and will not involve significant structural change. Developers are encouraged to proceed with implementations to provide concrete feedback on the ability to implement. It is possible that implementers of the Candidate Recommendation may need to modify their implementations before the Afinis Product is determined to be fully mature.

Developers are encouraged to proceed with implementations of the candidate recommendation version and share feedback specific to their experience.  A Candidate Recommendation may be updated as deemed necessary by the Working Group, Afinis Staff, and the ASGC to address errata and other minor corrections and will be published as a separately identified minor version.

Organizations who have implemented an API based on the Afinis Credit Payment Initiation API and provided feedback:

PNC Bank