Learn all that you need to get started - from sign up to app creation.


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Browse the API Products to see what is available in our catalog. You will be able to review detailed documentation provided for each API.



Sign Up


Step 1:  Register  


To begin trying out our APIs, you need to register for an account by completing a simple form: 


Check for a confirmation email from us. Click the email link to validate your account.

     * Note: If you don't receive an email, check your spam folder!

Then Log In and explore our APIs.



Step 2:  Try out an API  


Once you are logged in, you can choose an API and test it against the provided sample data in our sandbox. For each API product, the sandbox includes a set of test data that simulates a production environment resulting in different outcomes.

To try out an API, first create an app by clicking on “My Apps” from the menu bar. An app is an entry point to use the APIs.


Then, add an app:


To create your app, select a specific product and give it an App Name. App credentials are required to make every call.


In this moment a Consumer Key is created that is necessary to authenticate your application and call our APIs.


To be able to test the API in the sandbox, you must use the Consumer Key (highlighted) and apply it to the select API.


Follow the steps provided in the Test Data tab for the relevant API. Remember to set the API Key. Insert the following information in the open dialogue box:

  1. Follow the steps provided in the Name = "apikey" (all lowercase)
  2. Set value copied from the “Consumer Key” (make sure there is no space before or after the string of characters)
  3. Select “Query”


Next, set the values pulled from the test data [link] in the sandbox and try out different scenarios to thoroughly understand each API.



Step 3:  Go Further  


Now that you’re up and running, where do you go from here? Bring it into your own organization’s environment, test it with production data, and launch it to become part of the leaders helping shape and standardize APIs in the industry!