Afinis membership is at the organizational or individual level. Annual dues vary based on type of organization/individual and asset size/annual revenue. Please see a breakdown below. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Organization Type


Annual Dues

Financial Institutions


Assets Greater Than $250B




Assets Between $1B and $250B



Assets Less Than $1B

Fintechs, Solution Providers and Professional Services/Consulting Firms


Annual Revenue Greater Than $500 M



Annual Revenue of $500M or Less


Businesses, Government Agencies, and Nonprofits





Individuals (Non-Voting)


Individual Developers or Independent Contractors




Access to the Afinis online community, developer sandbox, Afinis Interoperability Standards, and IFX Standard (basic access) are freely available to everyone. Advanced access/subscription to the IFX Standard is available. See here for more details.

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