Afinis members learn from one another for ideation and innovation, and are comprised of thought leaders and leading technologists from financial institutions, fintechs and solution providers, businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations. Afinis members have a direct influence on the governance life cycle of standardized API products, and members’ work is done collaboratively using common open source solutions such as SwaggerHub, Apigee Edge, Confluence and Jira. Afinis leverages agile sprint planning development methodologies, and Afinis members are among the first to review Afinis standardized code for testing, feedback and early adoption. Afinis follows these agile development methodologies to ensure rapid response to industry needs and to save time for members. 


Becoming a member of Afinis Interoperability Standards provides advantages such as:

  • The right to vote for adoption of the standards
  • Access to standards prior to finalization and market availability
  • Early access to standards code for testing and feedback
  • Early access to information and updates
  • Influence on development priorities and outcomes
  • Participation in Program Increment (PI) Planning Meetings and Sprints to progress work efforts
  • Collaboration with leaders in the field and obtain recognition as a thought leader
  • Ability to be nominated for a board governance seat
  • Ability to participate on the Board Nominating Committee
  • Afinis members that join in 2018 have the ability to participate in governance formulation
  • Ability to reap commercial benefits by representing the work of Afinis at conferences and press briefings, and utilizing Afinis logo
  • Complimentary access to the IFX Forum specifications


Afinis membership is at the organizational or individual level. Annual dues vary based on type of organization/individual and asset size/annual revenue. Please see a breakdown below. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Organization Type


Annual Dues

Financial Institutions


Assets Greater Than $250B




Assets Between $1B and $250B



Assets Less Than $1B

Fintechs, Solution Providers and Professional Services/Consulting Firms


Annual Revenue Greater Than $500 M



Annual Revenue of $500M or Less


Businesses, Government Agencies, and Nonprofits





Individuals (Non-Voting)


Individual Developers or Independent Contractors




Access to the Afinis online community, developer sandbox, Afinis Interoperability Standards, and IFX Standard (basic access) are freely available to everyone. Advanced access/subscription to the IFX Standard is available. See here for more details.

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